Shane Watson took an interest in business and property investing aged just 21 years of age, after working 12 hour night shifts for a year and a half non-stop he managed to save a deposit for his first property in London aged 23 years of age. Shane quickly realised that building a property portfolio this way was not sustainable and he would eventually burn himself out as it would take years to obtain a second property. As a young and naïve landlord he also made tons of mistakes early on. So therefore Shane decided to educate himself on how to leverage other people’s finances and various different property investing strategies and techniques. Fast forward 3 years and Shane has a large number of properties through various different strategies acquired using hardly any of his own cash. Shane has managed to more than replace his income at and has managed to achieve his childhood dream of owning a supercar one day. At age 25 Shane achieved this many years before himself or anybody thought it would be possible.


Damian Slominski became financially free property investor by the time he was 25. Damian always knew that passive income was key to him living the life he wanted to live with the freedom to travel and be independent. He has worked as everything from a van driver, gardener to a window cleaner in a big shopping centre to get the money to invest.

Damian Slominski went through a lot of financial difficulties in business before he achieved financial freedom, the key to his success was that he never gave up on his dream. Damian is a graduate of the University of West London and holds BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Science.

After achieving financial freedom Damian started teaching people on how to achieve the same, so that they can live the life they deserve.

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